International Linking; Solidarity Travel; Community Exchanges


Over the last thirty years, Fresh Eyes’ founding Director, Andy Rutherford, has worked with a wide range of organisations and groups to enable people to travel to communities across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

We have been able to link people in many different ways, organisations with organisations, communities with communities, health workers with health workers, trade unionists with trade unionists, feminists with feminists, all people to people.

This is one way for people to travel responsibly.

For some women and men this is travel to show and express Solidarity, for some it is a contribution to a more just and equal world, for some it is about learning and exchange, for all it has been about strengthening our common humanity and mutual respect.

Travel in this way involves working with Trade Unions, Women’s Networks and organisations, Local Government workers, Teachers, Health Professionals and many more groups.

Fresh Eyes is committed to continuing this important linking.  For us it is at the heart of travelling responsibly and thoughtfully.  We are a not-for profit, community interest company so you can be assured that we will work with you in a fair, transparent and respectful way and that your travel will positively contribute to the communities and organisations you will be travelling to.

We would welcome discussing your interest in such small group travel and would be happy to have an initial discussion around your thoughts and ideas. at no cost as we are committed to contributing to international linking, community exchanges and solidarity.

Please contact Andy

–          By phone         00 44 7 540 114 826 – 07 540 114 826

–          On Skype         andy.rutherfordhome

–          By email          [email protected]