How We Work With You

How we work with you. 

Fresh Eyes- People to People Travel enables small groups of up to eight ‘guests’ to travel to specific countries in Asia and Europe.  We can also introduce you to travel in other places through similar organisations to ours.

  1. We run Just Tours. These enable ‘guests’ to meet and spend time with local community organisations and social movements. They will be ‘guided’ by people from these community organisations and social movements during their time with them.  They will provide an authentic experience in a sensitive and respectful way.
  2. Each Just Tour is different, with varying amounts of time being spent with local community organisations and social movements. The remaining time will be for the guest to enjoy the natural, historic and cultural sights of the host country. They will be able to experience these with ‘fresh eyes’ .
  3. In all our destinations we work with local partners, social movements and community organisations or locally based people who are integrated fully into the local economy and employ local guides and staff.
  4. We aim to work with these partners on a long-term basis developing close, transparent and mutually beneficial working relationships.
  5. We aim to ensure that the local suppliers, their employees and guides receive a fair wage for their activities measured by locally appropriate standards.
  6. We work with local people in designing itineraries and we aim to use locally owned accommodation, equipment and food providers that employ local people.  We encourage travel using public transport where possible.
  7. In each destination we will inform travellers of the ways in which they can do more to ensure their purchases or activities benefit the local economy.
  8. We will provide guests with accurate pre-trip information on the social and political situation and with suggestions of ways to minimise negative impacts on local communities and cultures.
  9. Working with local people in the design of our travel, we will only visit areas where they have said that they welcome our visits and we do so in ways which help travellers to understand the local community.
  10. In each destination we will inform travellers of the ways in which they can do more to support local social projects with direct or indirect benefits to the host community.
  11. Each guest contributes 20% of their Just Tour price to the Fresh Eyes Community Solidarity Fund that supports community organisations and social movements that they have met and who Fresh Eyes works in partnership with.  
  12. As a company, within the constraints of our organisation’s size, we encourage and support practices and policies that ensure that the benefits of the world’s tourism industry are maximised for local economies. We aim for a positive impact on broader development and to encourage greater social and economic justice in host countries.
  13. We have developed a Tax Policy to demonstrate our commitment to paying a fair amount of tax on the income from our work.