Just Tours

It is all in our name Fresh Eyes – People to People Travel.

We have a commitment to enable travellers like you to travel responsibly to vibrant communities in Europe and Asia, especially in India , as part of a contribution to a more just and equal world.

You will be guests in these communities.

Who are your hosts and why do they welcome you?

Your hosts are people who are rooted in their communities and who are committed to contributing to a more just and equal world.

As part of that commitment they believe that their communities can be more self-reliant and sustainable.

They believe that by hosting you and other travellers who want to be guests that they are enabling three linked things:-

  1. Developing a socially sustainable approach to tourism, which ensures people’s participation in the conservation and management of resources, right from the planning stage to implementation and monitoring.
  1. Working for sustainable income generation and contributing to the development of their community.
  1. A positive cultural exchange between host and guest including both being more aware of how we can contribute to a just and equal world.

Join us on a Just Tour