Kabani– Our partner

The name Kabani is derived from a river in Kerala which flows “in the other direction”, away from the sea. Kabani is working to develop travel and tourism in “the other direction”. They are concerned about the impacts of tourism on the local environment and people’s livelihoods. Their prime objectives are the sustainable development of local communities and the conservation of the natural resources that provide the foundation of community livelihoods.

We work closely with Kabani and you to plan and book your visit to Kerala, including all transport to get you from one place to another.  Kabani have years of experience now, speak good English and get rave reviews from our guests for the personal care they provide you whilst on your holiday.  Kabani also have links to small family run guesthouses and community lodges where you can stay in comfort, as well as in their many authentic homestays in rural villages Take a look at their website in our sidebar.