Just Tours in Groups

Fresh Eyes is here to work with you to enable People to People Travel in groups either of your own making, or ours.  Our current group tours are listed in the right sidebar here.  If you want to create your own group around a theme please talk to Andy.

Fresh Eyes – People to People Travel understands the value of meaningful travel. We also appreciate the importance of travelling and being able to share this with others.  This is why we are well-placed to work with you to create group tours with a particular focus suitable to the needs of you and your friends.

For more details on developing a specific group  Just Tour follow this link

With extensive first-hand knowledge of all our destinations and decades of experience of travelling responsibly, we are in the perfect position to offer you a Just Tour that meets your interests and needs.

Our Just Tours take groups of up to eight guests on journeys of discovery in South and South-East Asia.

Fresh Eyes is partnered with local community organisations working for social and economic justice. We aim to continue to foster close, transparent and mutually-beneficial working relationships with our wonderful partners.

Each Just Tour is unique, with varying lengths of time spent in different villages and experiencing the natural, historical and cultural sights of the host country through fresh eyes.

Our travellers are guests hosted by local people at the heart of vibrant communities, giving you a richly authentic experience in a fair and respectful way.

We work closely with local people to design group Just Tours that are enriching for guests and rewarding for the host community. We will only visit areas where local people have expressed a wish to be visited, working to foster understanding, justice (through fair prices) and solidarity between our guests and their hosts.

In all our destinations we work exclusively with local people, companies, social movements and community organisations so that our Just Tours are fully integrated in the local economy.  We work to ensure that prices paid on our tours fairly cover all costs and provide some additional income.  Each activity in our tours is costed to ensure that everyone who provides you with a service is fairly paid.

We keep our guests informed at all times about the best ways to ensure their spending and activities benefit the local economy and host community.

Before you travel, we will provide you with an expert briefing on the social and political situation in your destination country, and advise you about how to travel responsibly, respectfully and beneficially within the local community and culture.