Group Tour To Uttarakhand 7th -21st October 2015

Group Tour to Uttarakhand: 7th – 21st October 2015


Fresh Eyes invites you to be part of a small group of up to 8 travellers, travelling with Andy Rutherford to three remote villages in Uttarakhand this October.


How many days                  15 days if starting from Delhi

How much                            £440 as a person travelling with between 4 and 7 others

                                               £505 as a person travelling as one of three people

                                               £565 as a person travelling as one of two people

                                               £965 as one person travelling

When are we going             Beginning in Delhi on 7th October 2015. Travellers can also

                                               discuss with Andy joining on 9th morning at Kathgodam/Haldwani

Where you will stay            Community based homestays and hotels in Haldwani and Delhi

Where you will travel         Kothiyan, Ranikhet, Karmi, Dhur, Bageshwar in the Kumaon Hills,

                                               Uttarakhand, India


Edge of the Himalayas – The Kumaon Hills

Welcome to the communities and people of the Kumaon Hills in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand, India.  You will visit lowlands covered by cedar forests between rice and wheat terraces in the stunning river valleys.  You will then travel up to unforgettable landscapes and panoramas of the Himalaya.   You will stay at the heart of rural communities in comfortable homestays in breath taking valleys with organic agriculture, folklore, temples and stunning walks. Weather permitting, there are panoramic views of the Greater Himalaya, from Garhwal Himalaya to the Nepal ranges. The homestays are all part of cooperatives rooted in their communities


Edge of India Cooperatives Uttarakhand – Our partner

Edge of India is a co-operative working across a network of rural villages, which is led by local people and which enables communities to make the most of their cultural and natural heritage in order to achieve sustainable economic growth through hosting travellers. Working with communities, Edge of India builds local capacity and uses local resources to develop their communities and offers visitors a taste of life in some of the most picturesque and untouched parts of India.


Your Just Tour Itinerary

After starting in Delhi and then travelling by night train to Kathgodam you will wind your way up the Himalayan foothills by car to where the road passes nearby Ranikhet.  After walking through wheat and rice terraces and the cedar forest you will arrive in the charming village of Kothiyan, your home for three nights and your base for village walks and exploring the surrounding countryside and villages.

From Kothiyan it is a day’s journey up to a higher Himalayan Valley where picturesque Karmi is your home for three nights and your base for village walks, views of the greater Himalaya, local handicraft production, short walks and day walks in surrounding hills.  You can also visit the Maad Temple amongst thick forest, which serves as the venue for major festivities and religious celebrations and has incredible views of the Himalaya.

It is then a half day walk or drive to Dhur in the breathtaking Pindar Valley at an altitude of 2500m, your home for four nights.  Dhur has spectacular panoramas of the Himalaya, village walks, short walks and day walks in surrounding hills; optional evening local song and dance performances around a campfire. It is also perfect for early morning nature walks before breakfast to see rare birds and, weather permitting, a sublime sunrise over the Himalaya.


Your Fair Price

Our clear and fair prices are developed in partnership with Edge of India Cooperatives Uttarakhand and enable both a community based approach to travel and a contribution to wider development in the community and area.  Your Fair Price tells what you are paying for and who benefits.  Our prices aim to be fair to our hosts and to our travelers, and so are calculated per person, without profit to Fresh Eyes. We charge 15% to cover the cost of our small office in London from where we advise you and co-ordinate your travel.

Photo gallery of  people and places in Uttarakhand

Photo gallery of people and places in Uttarakhand