The Independent Traveller

If you enjoy independent solidarity travel and want some assistance in planning your “responsible travel” itinerary then Andy at Fresh Eyes provides the bespoke planning service you are looking for!

For a free initial consultation and a small fee once you agree to develop an itinerary Andy can assist you to work up a bespoke travel plan.  This can include advice on using public transport to get around (and to reduce your carbon footprint by doing so).

If your time is a premium, or language a barrier for you and you  want Andy to go ahead and make your bookings  (including rail bookings in India) then our Fresh Eyes Just Price applies.  We will make the bookings as agreed and our invoice will show all the costs and fees applied.  Fresh Eyes includes 15% on your price to cover our  costs and a 20% contribution to our solidarity fund. Follow this link to see a sample of prices for travel in India. We are currently developing some European itineraries too and the same principles will apply.

You can contact Andy on the Quick Contact form at the foot of this page, by email to [email protected] or by phone 0044 7540 114826