Lunigiana Italy:  Where is it?

Intersected by the old Via Francigena, Lunigiana extends from the Apennines to the Magra river.  The area is part Tuscan part Ligurian and has a rich medieval history with castles, Romanesque churches and ancient villages in a landscape just asking to be explored.

A rural retreat in Northern Tuscany

Climate and when to travel.

Lunigiana is beautiful at any time of year, although with its very hilly and winding roads you may prefer to travel outside the winter months.  April to October are the most popular months.

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Food, local produce and activities.

Lunigiana is a culinary delight with its local produce of speciality mushroom and truffles, chestnut flour, honey, game and of course, its famous local dish Testaroli, cooked in terracotta on an open fire.  Farfalle In Cammino can advise on village fairs where local produce and crafts are sold, and introduce you to local activities while you visit.  When we visited there was the local antique tomato festival underway! Stay at a Bed and Breakfast recommended by Farfalle in Cammino and taste the local produce for yourself while planning to walk sections of the very well marked Via Francigena.

Who are our partners?

Fresh Eyes has teamed up with Farfalle In Cammino in Lunigiana to provide a solidarity tour in hidden northern Tuscany away from the popular tourist routes.  Their website provides the following quote:

 “For us responsible travel means to meet people and their stories, to exchange opinions and impressions, to stay still listening to the rhythm of things happening around us.”

Farfalle in Cammino will work with Fresh Eyes to develop your own special itinerary  linking you to beautiful rural homestays, or those closer to local towns and can suggest activities for your stay, including attending local events.  

Follow this link to the website of  Our partners in Lunigiana to read about their organisation and its responsible travel ethos.

And this link to view Fresh Eyes’ photos of this beautiful area:

Photo gallery of people and places in Lunigiana

Photo gallery of people and places in Lunigiana